Title says it all. It actually IS.

The Hermagis Eidoscop is the same lens formula as the legendary Pinkham & Smith Series IV, and the Busch Nicola Perscheid.

It gives a gorgeous glowing 'almost sharp' portrait. Different than the Kodak Portrait meniscus, it is sharper and much more subtle in it's softness. Classic.

I have 2, and I'm keepin' the earlier prettier one :~')) even though it's f5 and this one is f4.5 These are scarce in this size. The bigger ones are more common. Pinkham didn't make the smaller sizes. Hermagis even made some 150mm version of this lens.

I've often said if someone pointed a gun and said pick one lens that you're going to keep and get rid of all the rest, it would probably be an Eidoscop. They just never let you down. Beautiful glass in this lens. I don't have the flange. Last one on Dan Colucci's list got over $1000

965.00 U pay 2 ship please.