OK so I've never used artificial lighting but i'm interested in learning. I'll be shooting portraits with medium format (Rollei) with black and white film.

I decided to go with PCB because they are affordable and this is purely my hobby. Now most agree that the einstein e640 is better of the two but i'm not sure if the additional features are worthwhile, are they? I figured that I do not need a high speed recycle time, I do not need to worry about color shifts (do I for black and white?), and I do not need wireless triggers (a convenience but unnecessary, i think). Again, I'm not sure about these features... this is just my thinking. I figured that I can dip into strobes more cheaply with b400/b800/b1600, then "upgrade" to einstein's or even a higher end brand if I feel to do so. Or maybe this is false economy?

Suggestions? Also how much power do you recommend?

My interest is in portraits. I'm thinking outdoors and some indoors with mixed lighting. I think a b800 would be most appropriate and b1600 if i really wanted outdoors entirely. I am not interested in a studio at all. I was planning on going with a vagamond mini and PLM umbrella (64" soft silver, most likely).