Moskva 4 with Case and 6x6 Insert
$135 or best reasonable offer

Soviet Super Ikonta (I think) copy, shoots 6x9 or 6x6 with insert (currently installed). Has dual red windows in the back; toggle between them with lever next to pressure plate. This one has a serial number beginning with "57" which, legend has it, indicates 1957 manufacture.

110mm f/4.5 Industar-23 coated lens in Moment-23 shutter, works well at all speeds except that I'm not sure about the 1/250, at which I can't get the speed to line up fully with the marker. Stops down to f/32. Speeds are B, 1, 1/2, 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, and 1/250.

Optically it's clean and clear, rangefinder works well and lines up nicely. The case looks and feels like it's hardly been used, even the strap is still supple and doesn't seem dried out.

Overall, this is a really, really nice specimen that doesn't seem to have had much use. Leatherette on camera body is slightly dry but not overly so. (If you're going to put a moisturizing treatment on it, don't use anything meant for leather, except on the actual leather strap (on camera body, not case)). Other than some paint loss on black metal trim, I'd say the body overall is in really excellent condition, and everything unfolds to good rigidity, no wobbles.

The test roll I put through it exhibited admirable edge-to-edge sharpness, after which I put the camera away. I just haven't used it enough to justify keeping it. This camera should be taking pictures.

The case screws into the tripod mount on the camera, which is European (big) size. The knob at the bottom of the case has an adaptor installed, in case you wish to mount the camera to a tripod. The front of the case is riveted, not snapped, onto the bottom of the case, but swings well out of the way for picture taking.

Camera and case combo weighs in at about 3 pounds, so figure 4 pounds shipping weight from Zip Code 90027. I like USPS Priority Mail, but UPS is an option too. Buyer pays shipping, and please pay a little extra for insurance. I'll provide a tracking number in any event.

Please note that I ship after the PayPal payment clears into my bank account, then after shipping I email with tracking details.

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