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You know what's more fun? Playing "What Did I Expose" with the 4x5 film holders from 3 years ago.
I do this on a regular basis, though I suppose I could look it up - all my LF is recorded in a field book. The problem is, my field notation really needs some work. I can hardly decipher the intent of some of my notes. On the other hand, I can usually recall quite clearly the circumstances under which I shot a particular sheet or roll of film... once I get a look at the processed negatives.

I was caught up on all my processing, if not printing... then I did something really dumb - I started the "picture a day" challenge. That was on January 1, 2010, and I have shot at least one "considered" frame every day, usually several. Back in September, I passed the 1000 day threshold and am still going. The problem is, at this point, my budget does not begin to cover the cost of processing the backlog of films stacked in and around my darkroom fridge.