You know the old saying. You can have it cheap,fast or good. Pick any two. Well with thermometers the same thing seems to be the issuse. The thing is to ignore the things labeled photographic and look else where. What is used in a similar temp range to something like E6? Why human beings are. Yup we tend to run around 38C. Sounds like E6 temps.

Today I picked up a digital thermometer. Cost me $11 at walmart because I wanted the one with both C and F. That's Canadian. It's accurate to within +/-0.2degrees F in the range of 93F to 107F. That's claimed accuracy not resolution. Turns out my digital thermometer is off by about 1.5degrees F. My adjustable dial one may be off by a little more. But then I didn't do the best job testing the dial thermometer. Long stem may have caused some problems.

Downside is it takes awhile to get a reading. Upside it should be great to set my adjustable dial thermometer or to take a reading of the water bath.

So it's good and cheap. It's not fast but you can't have everything.