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Has anybody tried the new Microdol-X replacement from Freestyle? I was a devoted Microdol X user before Kodak discontinued it. Does it still have the same characteristics: 13 - 15 minute development times, a little loss of speed? Also, it looks like it only comes in gallon quantities; is that correct?

Any info / reviews would be appreciated.


-- Mark
I used to be a devoted Kodak Microdol-X user myself. I have mixed up a gallon of the Freestyle Legacy Microdol-X, but have not yet had the opportunity to test it (yet). I also mixed up Kodak's replacement for the Microdol-X replenisher, which I found on the internet.
I remember Microdol-X will last for -years- if properly stored, and gets "better" as it is "seasoned" with the replenisher.

I have about about 600' of Fuji Presto 1600, and Microdol-X is recommended by Fuji in their instruction sheet. So hopefully this will be a good combo. I normally rate my Prest 1600 at about EI 640.