So Luc, if you come across the Rockies, you can always visit the camera in Canmore and even take it for a spin.
I love panoramics ..... earlier this year I got a nice Canham 5x7 traditional with the motorized 617 back but never bonded with it.... somewhat fussy but beautifully made.
One of the issues with these film cameras is that the closest store for me to view and handle the beasts is either seattle or columbus. So one has to buy it, try it and if it doesn't work
for you, then sell it.
I also have an art panoramic 617 with a 90 f8 Nikkor.... a great point and shoot. But i want to use a 75mm all the way up to my 360 nikkor..... and a lot of the film i do in this size is
for wedding portraits here in the mountains. The little nobles 135U I have used for years is a little small and harder to scan/print than the 617 which is why I am trying the shen hao.

A little nervous about quality as the only shen hao I have ever seen was purchased by a close friend here in Canmore and it was garbage. Many issues.... so much lacquer that you couldn't
fit the film holder in under the gg. Jeff at Badger speaks highly of their quality now so it will be fun to see it. Picking it up in Bozeman next week on a road trip. Maybe pano shots of Yellowstone
in winter.
Will let you know impressions.