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It has nothing to do with film, folks. Absolutely nothing.

And, to be honest, it has very little to do with digital photography either. So what's up?

I work for a newspaper. Guess how many makers of film cameras are advertising in newspapers these days? How many dealers selling film cameras?

Now tell me how many dealers and makers of digital cameras and other gear are advertising....

Yup. It's all about money. Ad money. Newspapers everywhere are desperate for ad revenue because subscriptions don't pay for much more than the paper the dumb things are printed on. No ad revenue, no newspaper.

That sounds like a special section the Guardian is producing to attract ads by dealers selling photo gear.

Stories about film don't produce ad revenue? No stories. Tata film!
It's also about some writer or editor who is just filling holes in the copy of the paper and throws in junk stories to beat a deadline.

It all means nothing.

Waaaaayyyyyy back when I sold advertising for a newspaper some "reporter" went out and covered a story about Hong Kong Tailors that travel from town to town and measured people for suits and then had them sent directly to the customer in 2 weeks. It was supposed to be human interest story. Unfortunately when it ran, the story was placed beside one of the top advertisers who ran a men's clothing store that sold very nice suits. The shit hit the fan. Bottom line, a lot of stuff in newpapers is just fluff to fill the pages.