I'm getting a ColorStar 3000. Thx for the info.

The testing strips approach is fine with me. But since I use Jobo drums, this method is slow to me. I'm lucky to have 3 test drums to use, but after each use, I'll have to dry it. Right now I just use some clean towel with test strips. This is not perfect, but at least save some time. I can't wait for them to be totally dry. I do not think I can use hot dryer to heat dry the drum.

I use color roll papers, so the papers from the same 4-5 rolls. With the colorStar, I can save the calibration (I believe) for different papers. I do not have the time to make 5 or more test strips for each negatives. Also, my dry and wet rooms are separate, so I'll have to walk to a different room. I'd rather spend more time in the dry room and get the color right before I make the prints.

It is just me. I still need to learn how to use. Hope it is better than the Beseler.