Hi all,

I'm off in a little bit to shoot (and play at) a "Garage Rock Jubilee". I wasn't smart enough to plan ahead and stock up on Delta 3200, and there's not much by way of B&W film available in town especially on a Saturday, so I'm limited to what I have on hand. The best results I've gotten for low-light concert photography so far is shooting Delta 3200 at 6400 and developing for 12500, but since that's not an option today...

I've got 4 rolls each of HP5+ and Delta 400, and was wondering if any of you had suggestions for how to shoot and or process it. From my past experience at this venue, I'll likely have to shoot at 3200 once the sun goes down, and I've had very mixed results with pushing ISO 400 film that far in the past. Which of those films will work better at a 3-stop push?

At the moment the only developer I've got is ID-11, but could look at buying another if that'd make a big difference.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.