You will get a very good analyser with the Colourstar 3000. I don't think it avoids calibrating each type of paper but once calibrated you can devote a channel to each paper then simply switch to that channel when you use that paper.

Is it the 8 channel machine or the 100 channel? Even 8 channels should be fine.

There is at least one very experienced user of this analyser who posts here frequently so you might get his help. There were several others but I haven't seen them post much recently

Be prepared to take your time learning how to use the analyser. It is not the easiest to learn but will repay the effort

In the meantime have a look at the article by Frances Schultz on this analyser.Just google her. It's a good read first time around but to really understand everything she says its best to have the analyser in front of you while you read it.

Best of luck