I had two Pro S's at one time and replaced the seals in both with a pad of black felt (really sort of like cloth) that I bought at Wal-Mart. I dug out the gooey stuff and cut narrow strips with my haircut scissors and jammed it down in the trough of the backs. You can find a drawing on the net of where it goes. I sold one of the cameras and I have used the other for a couple years with no problems. As for the fungus amoung us, it depends on how much you have. A little around the edge will probably not be a problem. If you are handy, you can probably take the lens apart and clean it yourself if it is bad. What do you have to lose? (Well, other than a few springs and maybe ball bearings.) Just don't dig into the shutter and you will probably be okay. My cameras had the 127 lens and that or a 90 are the most common. You can probably find .pdf files on repairing the lense as there are files on repairing the whole camera out there for free. Have fun and enjoy it. Ric.