So, I got in touch with the co-op that Karl was talking about. I made initial contact with him and nothing. Asked to stop by and check the place out but I never heard back from him. I also got in touch with the co-op, Noisebridge, that Troy suggested. I contacted Rubin, who said I should stop by and check the place out. So, I did. I stopped by and checked the place out. The place is big. One whole floor, it seems, just for them. They do all sorts of things there, so the darkroom fights for space with everything else and is tiny. I'm not a big guy, but that darkroom is very small. If it were mine alone, and I didn't have to share, this might be ok. Small, very small, but okay. Considering I have to share, I really don't know how this would work. Anyway, seems like I'm back to zero. So, anyone know of another darkroom co-op in San Francisco? With school coming to an end, I want to continue having access to a darkroom. Thanks.