Hi Everyone,
I have been getting back in to film over the past year and I have been lurking here recently.
I have been interested in the Canon Canonet QL17 and have been watching them on ebay. Well today I acquired one from my Father-in-Law, that he said he had purchased in Japan in 1966. It appears to be the original model with a 45mm 1.7 lens. The camera seems to function properly (I will run a roll of film through it tomorrow to see what I get). I have been online all day researching it and most of the info I have come up with deals with the giii which seems to be very similar but with a few changes - mostly the lens (40mm vs 45mm) and the battery.
I am looking for info on the battery as it seems very different from the type used in the giii. The battery door says 1.3v which I believe is the same as the giii and the battery from the camera doesn't have any info on it other then a patent #. I have posted some pictures here (sorry taken with my iphone) including the battery that I pulled out of the camera. Any help regarding the battery or any other information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

IMG_0138.JPG (2).jpg

IMG_0137.JPG (2).jpg