I have several nice "user" cameras for sale. Payment via PayPal preferred.

1. Leica M4-P in great "user" condition. Everything works as it should. There is a dent on the bottom plate and a few scratches "here and their" but otherwise great shape. The RF patch is contrasty and aligned, shutter works on all speeds. Price is $660, including shipping within US.

2. Bessa I 6X9 with Vaskar Lens and recent CLA. Lens was measured at 300 lp/mm @f4.5 and greater when stopped down. This particular Vaskar is a keeper. Camera was CLA's in September of 2011 and includes documentation. Price is $160, including shipping within US. Your basically getting the camera for the price of the recent CLA.

3. Zeiss Ikonta 6X9 non coupled rangefinder camera with Tessar f 3.5 lens. This camera was purchased from "Certo 6" so it has been CLA's within the past several years. Price is $280, including shipping within US.

All prices are firm.