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Hey all. The storm that passed through wrecked absolute havoc on so much of my life that APUG seemed the least of my concerns. I know countless others are still suffering enormously from Sandy, and my heart goes out to them.

But things are relatively well now for me, and it's time to get back to normal (as if this group is normal, right?)

Some good news: Raul & I are planning to meet tomorrow for a handing-off of the Leica. And hopefully, I will have the Olympus in the mail to Sile tomorrow.

I should be a little more active on the board now. Thanks for keeping the flame lit.
You rude Bahstahd. How dare you let a little rain get in the way of our project?

The flame is not only lit, it is positively going super nova.

How much energy can we generate on cameras NOT going around the world?

BTW - The launch is always the hardest part. Ask me how I know.

tim in san jose