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That was my impression too. After I read your post I compared the two cameras and even recorded their shutter sound. Turned out they are almost the same except FE has chime-like sound at the end. On both cameras I used Nikkor 24mm at F22.
Ha, my F2 makes that chime sound. But it does it even with the mirror locked up, which makes me think the sound comes from the shutter, rather than the mirror. I wanted to fire my FM2 to remind me of what it sounds like, but it has IR film in it right now.

I agree with Kiron Kid about the self-timer on the FM/FEs-- it's so convenient, it doesn't make sense not to use it when working with a tripod. That said, my photos have never shown signs of mirror vibration with my FM2 (I don't have experience with the FM), either with long lenses on a tripod, or hand-held at 1/15" (or slower). Mirror vibration issues commonly reveal themselves as "double-images" on film, correct?