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While the OP knows about this place, I include it for others in SF who may be unaware of this resource...The SF Recreation and Parks department has the Harvey Milk Center for Recreational Arts, and they operate a Photography Center at 50 Scott St, SF CA 94117

Darkroom Hours
Tues, Wed,Thurs: 4pm-9pm.
And Saturday, 10am-5pm
Closed: Friday, Sunday & Monday.
Facility Coordinator: Dave Christensen, 415-554-9522


Back when I was in college (about 40 years ago) I was the assistant to the instructor of a college level black-and-white photography class and we used that darkroom. It was quite nicely equipped back then. I can't vouch for its current condition, as I haven't been there in 40 years, but the web shows a much newer building!
The facilities are very nice. I was looking for something with better hours. That's why I wanted something like a co-op, where I could possibly have access to a darkroom 24/7. Rayko has better hours, but if I'm going to shell out $120/mo, I think I better look for a communal darkroom with better hours.