I've gotten Kodak's list directly from them, they do not import CD-2, CD-3, and CD-4 etc. Independant Photo Supplies is now the distributor for Kodak iirc, so you could possibly ask them, though I doubt it.

I got my CD-2 from a place in the U.S. they sent it to me anyway by mail.

Anyway, Kodak E-6 Colour Dev is available by order from Vanbar, as is Flexicolor LORR dev, those are both quite inexpensive imho. ECN-2 dev can be had by order too, and is very cheap for the amount of chems you get for it, it's chock full of CD-3 that can be precipitated at a last resort.

If you're interested in a group bulk order of CD-3 and CD-4, let me know, I'm looking into doing an import of it in the future.