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Wow....where'd you go? What was the total cost in film and processing?
5-week honeymoon through Dubai, Prague, St Petersburg, Moscow, trans-Siberian rail, Mongolia, Beijing, Guilin. It was about 40% B&W ($30), 20% E6 ($80, half a Fuji kit), 40% C41 ($60, half a Fuji kit again). So about $200 for soup and $600 for film. And that's a tiny fraction of the $20k travel costs. Then there's the ~$500 spent on printing (3 of 20x40" canvases, some albums, and now I'm working through wet-printing the best which will take a couple years.

This is 6x7 though so its only 1000 frames; it's not like I was machine-gunning 35mm. I'd be lost without my Jobo though...