Yes, thank you Mark, those were the ones I meant. When I posted yesterday, I was mis-remembering that those tables of developer applicability were in some PDF to do with developers, not in the ones about the films. I have a hard time finding most of those PDF data sheets on Ilford's site; I swear there are many that are not directly linked from any film or developer page on the site, but are found by Google when you search for the right terms. Ilford really ought to get that sorted, as they have got some good technical information up there but it's not much use if it's hard to find.

Anyway, R. J., I have not tried pushing films with ID-11. I can say, don't get Ilfosol 3 for push processing. I've used it that way on both of these films when I had nothing else in the house. The grain gets out of control and the extreme contrast -- already a hazard when pushing films -- is made even worse than it needs to be.