Hello all,

I am in the beginning process of building my darkroom and I have gone over all the darkroom portraits and have really got some awesome ideas and inspiration. The only thing is my darkroom is going to be a bit different and I was wondering if someone may help me. I will be taking over most of the laundry room ( after much talk with my wife lol) and in the corner of my dark room will be the hot water tank and furnace. The area that they take up will be 6 feet x 5 feet I am placing my sink on the opposite wall and will be about 7 to 9 feet away from the furnace. My biggest concern is blowing myself up LOL does anyone know if this will cause any problems for me down the line? it's the chemicals and pilot light that I am most concerned about. The actual room will be 9 feet by 10 feet with a square of 5x6 that I can not use. I plan on having two dry counters and the sink I will add a formal plan if anyone needs it. I just have to draw it up.

Thank you all,