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Don't look at $/gal, figure out $/roll - that's what really matters. I believe Diafine basically lasts forever and the only consumption is via carryover.

You can also mix similar 2-bath devs from scratch for pretty cheap.
I agree. It lasts almost forever. In practice I found that it does eventually get "tired" and start producing thin negatives, or maybe this was because I never bothered replinishing a working bottle with fresh to top off per instructions, just kept pouring it back in the bottle. In any case though I found this limit was about 60-70 35mm rolls per quart. At the lower number that's eighteen cents per roll. I have a gallon I've been using for two years, and another gallon of powder on the shelf. As far as I know the powder should keep for many years since it's sealed in metal cans. I've been tempted to stock up since I saw the price going up. A couple more gallons would be a lifetime supply.

But if the price is really bothersome, Badger has it for $34.95:


Or $20.95 per quart:


Even though the price per unit quantity is almost twice as much a quart may be all you need for a long time.