Hello dear APUGers,

well I have a problem with my processing BW gear : I think it's contaminated with wetting agent residue.

Consequently, during the processing itself my pre-soak water foams, my fixer foams and (that's more annoying) my developer foams and creates tiny bubbles that stick on the very end of my negs.

The result is the very last image of my films has tiny white round stains and is therefore unprintable as is. Strangely the rest of each film is clean and bubble-free as it should be.

So how can I get rid of this dirt and get a foam-free process? Toothbrush and soap on my reels? Bleach? Ebay*?

(* = Ebay as in "sell your dirty gear on Ebay and buy brand new Paterson reels and tank)

Thank you!