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I have never regretted anything bought from KEH. It costs more, but it seems like they really do check. I tend to wait until I have multiple things I want, though, as buying one small thing ends up with ridiculous shipping.
In the grand scheme of things, does gear from KEH REALLY cost more? When gear that I am interested in appears on ebay locally*, it is generally much more expensive then buying from KEH, even when you take postage into account. As for buying gear from Gumtree (our Craigslist) - I have yet to see much come up that I am interested in.

*Why the star? A bit of a rant - Asked a seller on here whether they would send to Australia. There response was 'Why don't you find a local vendor'.....there is a reason why us from Down Under are interested in buying gear internationally - WE CAN'T GET IT HERE!