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IMO, Eastman Kodak needs to go back to a "Norman Rockwell" style of marketing. I think a good piece of the population is getting sick of this shallow me, me, me, me... to hell with everyone else attitude. Family, friends, generosity, honesty, integrity, kindness, decency, forgiveness. I suggest that they market on those "nostalgic" principles because so many of us are sadly missing them. Kodak used to sell tons of film and processing that way but, as with most other companies, are now lost in the greed weeds along with the rest of us. I want out of the greed weeds. I want the "good" parts of the fifties back... not the bad parts, of course.
How do you do that exactly? "Shoot with our film instead of Fuji or digital and your friends will love you more and your mom will bake you apple pie?"

I'm really not meaning to be snarky. I agree completely that we need more of these values and less greed. I'm at a loss about using them for marketing, however, which seems inherently contradictory anyway. I suppose they could promote film using images of family and such, but I don't think that would make any difference.