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Unless you've used a pure wide-angle lens it's hard to appreciate the differences, there's less of the exaggerated pulling effects at the edges of a similar SLR lens, it's less distorted.

I use the equivalent of a 21mm Leica lens on my 5x4 camera and in most of the images you wouldn't realise how wide angle a lens I'd used. In the early 1990's I used a 21mm on my Leica for a few months and was extremely impressed with the lens.

I've been wanting a 21 Super Angulon for some time. Normally I don't shoot that wide, but I really enjoy that lens. Maybe it has something to do with the characteristics you mention. With lenses, I sure like some more than others, but often can't attribute it to a particular characteristic.

The Nikkor 24 f2.8 was a very good lens for the time, and one I still like. I imagine shooting it side by side with a Super Angulon would show up some significant differences.

And, of course, that doesn't mean your pictures would be better with a better lens, but that wasn't the question here.