well i do agree with you somewhat.
We still have this k-lab that is not running and am unsure of its progress.
At the same time we have Steve in Australia who appears to be the only one who successfully has processed the film, whereas the k-lab is not, perhaps more effort should be made to help streamline the process steve has currently been using, or else should we try the k-lab option, we still dont know how close to k-14 Steve's process is, perhaps its better? i dont know, but the results look pretty darn good either way.

I like the idea of sharing a camera and taking a couple of photos each and splitting the costs that way, either way, there are people serious about shooting kodachrome film, i sold some rolls on ebay for a packet and i still have 5 rolls in my freezer, i have been ironically shooting E6 and love it, i have a small stockpile of ektachrome film which im happy with, but want the opportunity to shoot kodachrome.

There is this film maker in the US who shot a film on the space shuttle on kodachrome which needs to be processed as not all his rolls got shot in time before dwaynes closed, Steve should be able to help in this department hopefully too.