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Enjoyed the lens design story, thanks georg16nik.

As several have noted... In terms of ease of focus and composition... rangefinders are well suited to wide angle, while SLR's are better suited to telephoto.

I've never had a problem focusing a (Nikon) WA. One must only pull the split prism to the point you want focused and turn the camera a bit, if necessary, to get some angle across the split. Focus, compose and done. This works for me down to f/3.5, the slowest WA I have (28mm non-Ai). I'm 58 so we'll see what my eyes have to say about this going forward. Additionally an RF, unless I use an external viewfinder, does not show me the 'distortion' a WA provides, only its FOV, an SLR cannot avoid showing both. I am often after just that and it helps composition to be able to see it.

Having the muscle memory to pull that split prism around, now that I own an M3 one would think it would be easy to remember that I have to pull that split image around too. But I'm having a hell of a time remembering that when things are moving fast (My kingdom for a ground glass!). This might help explain the popularity of 35mm lenses for RFs; the DOF makes it easier to go all HCB on it.