I hate to do this, because I know I'll never be able to find it again, but it's just way too much scanner for me and I'm starting to do some 4x5 and I can't justify owning both a flatbed and this for web scans. So, I have to sell my perfectly functioning Nikon 800ED Super. It scans both 35mm and 120 film and is the same scanner that Henry's in Canada uses for their professional scans. Along with the 120, 35mm negative and 35mm slide holders, I have a piece of ANR glass that goes into the 120 holder (you have to take the arms off though and just tack-tape the glass down) to keep the 120 negatives flat.

I have shipped this scanner from Edmonton to NYC, then from NYC to Toronto, so I have no doubt it will make the trip anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Asking $1200 plus shipping or willing to trade for Epson V700 or V750 with cash.