System includes:
1 Hasselblad 500 cm body - CLA 5 years ago. Works perfect.
5 backs - 4 A12 and 1 A15 (for 6x4.5 size shots.)
60mm f3.5 C T* Lens - I suspect the past owner dropped this lens as it has a rash and slight dent on the side that does not affect the focus or anything. Filters and hood still fit fine. Glass is perfect.
80mm f2.8 C T* Lens - One slight cleaning mark on the front that doesn't affect the image. It was CLA'd 5 years ago.
150mm f4.0 C T* Lens - One slight cleaning mark on the front that doesn't affect the image
21mm extension tube
45 degree prism (older one)
filter rings (various adapters like b50-67mm and some that I don't know what they do)
Hoods for all lenses. The 80mm has a crack that I taped up.

I feel like it's redundant, but this is the most painful sale I have ever made. Everything functions perfect with only one quirk - the 60mm lens sometimes focuses as DOF preview (which means at f8.0, it's not as bright. But I just set it to 3.5, focus, then set it to f.11 1/125 or whatever). All shutters are dead on, backs don't leak, etc. I have been using this system for the last 6 years and making beautiful 20x20 prints from it, so rest assured the cleaning marks that are so small I couldn't even photograph them, would not effect the image.

$1400 plus shipping from Canada

(at this time, I'd rather not split it up. I'll put it on sale locally before I do that. But I am willing to do so if I can unload at least 80% of everything by splitting it up).