i was going to comment on your photographs when i first saw them
but i was running late getting out of the house and had to scram.
so, i will now ...
both images were beautiful, and PERFECT for the bromoil process .
everything about them screamed, and screamed loudly " arts and crafts movement"
i can't imagine how beautiful your photographs must be in person, hand coated emulsion,
and bromoilized ... sorry to see you took them down !


not sure what pornography is or isn't, but in what i think were the words of a us supreme court justice " i'll know it when i see it"
and emil's images were not pornographic at all. if you are familiar with arts and crafts photography, pictorial photography
or painting from the turn of the 19th --->> 20th century, stuff that may have appeared in lens catalogs, or in art journals
this would have been similar ...