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There are some people who find pictures of sweaty feet to be arousing. Is that erotic, pornographic, or just a picture of sweaty feet?
Bahaha!! This made me burst out laughing and also is a great example in my opinion, it's all perspective.

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All I know is that an image that I quite liked has been deleted from what I consider one of the very best galleries on this site offered up by a photographer and printer that I have the utmost in admiration and respect for.

This, as a result of some narrow minded dolt who felt the need to create an issue where none was, and try to force their prudishness on everyone. The fact that they have been partially successful in disrupting the gallery irritates me to no end, and I would dearly like to know who it was.

I have no tolerance for this. None. Zero.

Emil, please post any image you feel like sharing, and please simply report harassment. I will personally see them out the door.

I couldn't have said it better than this, I fully agree and support exactly that mentality, I have no tolerance for others intolerance haha.

And as an aside, I focus on a few different genre including landscape, fine art modeling, and "macro parts" photography, the last of which at its core is taking macro images of (mostly women but men are welcome to hire me) women's nipple/vagina/butthole's etc. this is paid work that I am hired for, they are mostly NOT models, nor porn industry people, but young women and moms who want to see themselves from a different and beautiful artistic perspective. And I would never consider what I do to be pornographic, it's certainly art... And I would be highly offended if someone pointed at it and said, that is porn, not because I think porn is bad, but because I know how others view porn, and how they don't hold it in high esteem the way they do other art. Then again, most people are small minded and can't see a bigger picture (I say this with some irony since the picture doesn't get much smaller than macro without a microscope) haha

I support the open photo policy suggested, anything should be posts le as a creation no matter what it is, if the person created it with artistic intent, then it's valid, even if not "good art" by the viewer, it's still in some way art. As said earlier, it's about intent, and perspective.


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