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Ummmm. doing something over and over again and getting the same result while expecting something different to happen is one definition of ... insanity. Sounds to me you are a sucker waiting to be plucked. Get used to it. We all have different skills. I am a bummer at selling. I have been buying used lens and cameras from the Internet lately and I mostly get first-class stuff. If I see too much hype I don't buy and I bid low. It's hard work not gimme that one I want it.
This week I got a Minolta XG-M with the original box and paperwork plus a 45mm f2 Rokkor-X lens. Everything looks brand new and the box itself sells for more than I paid for the whole works.
I was hoping the lens was a Leica/Minolta one but it is a cheaper lens but the whole deal is worth maybe $100 more than I paid.
I recently I got a Yashicamat and you have to look it over really good to see that it is not brand new out of the box.
I really work at going over the listings in the auctions.
That all sounds good in theory but that is based on buying in the USA. Here in New Zealand the selection is far smaller on the local auction site and the prices far higher. It's sort of take what you can get a lot of the time. Currently there is a single OM4 for $500 so if you want one that is what you pay, another might not come up for 6 months.