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All I know is that an image that I quite liked has been deleted from what I consider one of the very best galleries on this site offered up by a photographer and printer that I have the utmost in admiration and respect for.

This, as a result of some narrow minded dolt who felt the need to create an issue where none was, and try to force their prudishness on everyone. The fact that they have been partially successful in disrupting some of the finest work in the gallery irritates me to no end, and I would dearly like to know who it was.

I have no tolerance for this. None. Zero.

Emil, please post any image you feel like sharing, and please simply report any harassment. I will personally see them out the door.

Interesting to note that the gallery complainer who complained of 'porn hiding behind the bromoil process' has not contributed to this thread...

As I said in my original gallery post before the images were removed, I think the images were beautiful and not remotely pornographic. I also said I thought the complainer had fair warning of the content given the picture title 'Erotic Bromoil'. He then chose to open thumbnails with that title and be outraged...