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And, hopefully some light, high cirrus clouds or (preferably) a decent cumulonimbus.

Forecast is for winds from the North West. Perfect, as these bring dust down from the Centre. Hopefully, we'll get some colour!

LOL! Nup. I don't want any clouds!
What shall it be? Who's got the ear of the weather Gods? They were oh-so-good to me in South Australia.
For the rise of the Belt of Venus after sunset (ESE), I need no clouds, no dust, no smog, nothing. Just a prrrrrretty scene and time for Pentaximus to play.

But there'sa lot of little things to be done, to be learnt down there long before the sun sets...like a long, languid soak in the rock pools, firefly twirling... hmmm, might even get some photography done...