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I have no tolerance for this. None. Zero.

Emil, please post any image you feel like sharing, and please simply report any harassment. I will personally see them out the door.
We should not forget that Emil spontaneously removed his pictures from the gallery. If the "complaint" is polite I don't think anybody should feel offended. The picture or pictures should remain where they were, but I think everybody should be free to express his point of view without being purged for having expressed it. A free society is free because it does not repress thought, while not being repressed by other's thought.

To "compensate" for the self-censorship I would like to posts two images

(warning: human behaviour)

The so-called Ermafrodito stante, a statue of an hermaphrodite raising his vest to show his penis in erection, Galleria Borghese, Casino nobile di Villa Borghese, Rome:


And a modern sculpture just sold for an awful sum (€ 2 millions), I found it on the site "cose belle antiche e moderne" (beautiful modern and ancient things)