The typical "harassment" (especially in the US or Northern Europe) would actually play the victim tune:

The sensitive religious whose soul is wound:

"As a mother of two children and as an observing [Christian | Muslim | Jeovah witness] I feel offended, say hurt, by your pornographic description of the gift of reproduction that God bestowed upon us. I think you should show more respect for people who don't want to see God offended this way"

The angry feminist who sees everything as a power struggle:

"As a woman I feel deeply disturbed by your depiction of sex as a demonstration of the power relation and exploitation between male and female and I think you should remove your picture to show more respect for the weak part of society"

It's utter bullshit, but it's current and I say it's legitimate as an expression of a thought.

I came in contact with this kind of fingerpointing and moralizing attitudes, I have to say, only in international fora.

In my country we run pretty free of religious maniacs and angry feminists as compared, I have to say, to Northern Europe. Must be the sun