Hello all,

My lovely darkroom is gettting refurbished to make it smaller. Everything is getting reshuffled around, and I am doing the floor plans at the moment.
I would appreciate your advice for a CHEAP solution with regards to taps and water filtration.

At the moment I have two taps, for cold and hot water. They have hooze locks system on them so that I can clip hoozes, and printer washers to them direct. I have a hoozelock option to mix cold and hot water, and then another to split the flow into 2 so I could have 2 different water flows.
I have a problem with the quality of the water, lots of impurities into it. I am not sure if it is because the studio is located by the thames (may be the water is coming from the thames?). Definitely not drinking water there!.

For the refurb, the taps need to move. I am wondering whether it would be possible to have a cheap filtration system that would filter the water, and may be give me an easier solution for mixing cold and hot water.

Many thanks !