Lici was the OEM vendor of the colorstar 2000 and 3000. 3000 has an 8 chanel version (i have) and a 255 or so memory version also.

Then Jobo went on to make their own, 5000/7000. I anecdotally recall that they were described in old posts as not as intuitive to use. Like pull out the manual to try to recall how to make the machine do what you want. I find the Colorstar very intuitive to use. I think the 5000 allowed different reciprocity failure compensation adjustments per color, while with Lici it is one 'slope adjustment' for all theree colur measurements at once.

I work with all sorts of old paper, and have yet to use the reciprocity setting when analysing a negative to make a good second print. I find even with the analyser, I usually want to tweak something in the second print, even if it is not the filtration or exposure.