in addition to looking into a camera, lenses ( film holders, darkcloth, big tripod &c )
i would make sure your region has places to process color+chrome 4x5 sheet film
because sending to a out of region lab will be an added expense you might have overlooked
there are some great labs that do wonderful work with sheet film
but like everything in life, there is a fee involved ..

if your school has a photography department that has chemical based photography classes
you might also look into taking a color photography class ( or at least
poking around and learning about it on the interweb ) so you can get a handle on processing your own
c41 + chromes, it might be an additional expense upfront, but will safe you lots of $$ in the end.
where i live ( urban rhode island ) i have to ship all my 4x5 color film to an out of state lab
since no one is left standing who processes sheet film.

nice photos you posted btw, but no dental floss, or pigmy ponies ?!
i thought that stuff was all over montana ... i guess i've been brainwashed by rock and roll ...