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I've got tougher skin than that. Its just that your original comment lead me to believe that anyone posting an opinion about a controversial subject would be considered harassment, and would be shown the door. I'd like to think that the only forum I pay a subscription fee for would be a little bigger than that.
Generally, and I mean this quite generally, the so called "opinions" of puritans with issues about sex and nudity is nothing more than bullying. They try to force their will on everyone, and when they meet resistance they claim that they are the ones being harassed. That has played out countless times.

There is also the matter of taste. Maybe I find dog portraits utterly pedantic. If I post something derogatory about you and your photography I might be expressing an opinion, or just maybe I'm a crank with really bad taste. In the meantime, you, being about a thousand times more sophisticated and sensitive concerning canines, delete part of your gallery.

I find the idea of that pretty repugnant.

Keep in mind that we are not a democracy here. If it were it would have ceased to exist long ago. This is a Monarchy with the philosophy of a Republic. We may not get it right every time, but we are pretty good.