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I find it disturbing that artists are encouraged to create work that stirs emotions and opinions, and then viewers who state such emotions or opinions are then threatened with a ban for doing so.

A person stating that a photo is pornographic, is no different than the photographer who shot it stating that its art. Both are opinions, and both are equally entitled.
This is completely and totally wrong.

We humans have emotions, there is nothing wrong with them. Your emotions can be totally different than the other person.

This site was created for people to share their ideas, their passion, their opinions, and the photos they took, be art or not. The photos may not be art to you. If you do not like them and think they are tasteless, then just move on.

Nudity is not pornography. It is an important chapter of the photography. Again, a 20-year old liberal art student can have totally different tastes than a 60-year old conservative fellow.

I think the poster should learn how to respect other people and should not try to impose his ideas onto other people.