I have been following Emil's work since the 90's and have never seen anything even remotely objectionable, but then again I didn't think the photographs in question were erotic either. They were just beautiful photographs.

I can understand why Emil pulled the photos, and they are the same reasons why I don't post certain photos at all. It is the conservative/religious wingnuts that really ruin it for everyone who don't have their mental problems. (That is not to say all conservative/religious people are wingnuts or have mental problems. Not the case.) It is ironic that in this country, the USA, those same conservative/religious people are obsessed with freedom and small government, all the while trying to dictate the behavior of everyone else. That fact though is of course lost on them.

To whomever used the word pornographic to describe Emil's photo- if you think calling someone's photograph "pornographic" is an opinion and not an insult you are the one that needs to reign it in. Insults are not opinions.

I am really tempted at this point to post some photos for Emil.