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That doesn't mean that there aren't good extreme wide angles for SLR use, it's just that they behave slightly differently. If they weren't there would be no need for Hasselblad to have made the SWC cameras...
It should be kept in mind by all that the Biogon 38mm on the Hassy SWC was designed back in a day when retrofocus lenses indeed had design limitations in portrayal of rectilinear features without considerable barrel distortion, while the first version 40mm Distagon for the SLR exibitied distortion quite considerably. Later Hasselblad updated with a newer 40mm Distagon, which was a notably sharper lens than the older Biogon and which also greatly reduced lens abberations in spite of its retrofocus design.

Similarly, it used to be that zoom lenses were considerably inferior to fixed FL lenses, back when computers were not used for lens design. Today's zoom lenses often rival and even exceed the performance of even fixed FL lenses which have not been updated in the optical formula with newer computerized designs.

In short, what used to be true is not always still true today!