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This could be true, another question of judgement. Maybe I've been making and printing the wrong photographs all this time? But if the ones I have printed aren't that great, it seems unlikely the discarded ones will be masterpieces. I see making photographs as growth, in conjunction with constantly heightened awareness and openness. My older images were made with a narrow frame of mind - as well as technical and aesthetic naivety. I'm still going with the idea that, if I keep at it, I'll hit my peak in my mid to late 40s - so I have a good twenty years! Apologies to anyone already there... everyone. With Ansel Adams for instance, an unprinted negative he made in 1945 is more likely a better picture than one from 1925. It might be a different story for photojournalists/street photographers, who can easily overlook the millions of negs they make every day.
I've looked over old contact sheets and proofs taken years ago that I wondered why I didn't print certain images on it.

When we are editing, sometimes we are in a certain mode or mindset and completely overlook something that we took that has a lot of potential.

It's like looking at an old yearbook and wondering why I didn't hit on that chick when I had the chance.