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Sadly, it isn't. It's in the Stato della Cittą del Vaticano, SCV, an independent quasi-sovereign state. They even have a seat in the ONU. When I am in Saint Peter's basilica, I am "abroad". Mussolini did this awful mess in 1929 to rub himself purring on the priests, who rubbed themselves purring on him in return. Religio instrumentum regni, as ever.
Religio instrumentum regni is alive and well in the USA deeply ingrained in the many Christian creeds. It's mostly about profit and control than spirituality. It's been that way for so long here that most of us simply can't see it. We can't see the forest for the trees... or is it we can't see the tree for the forest? It's interesting and embarrassing how much we love our Constitution and how little we defend it.