Super Takumar/SMC Takumar 28mm f3.5 - one of the finest 28mm lenses out there on any system.

Super Takumar/SMC Takumar 35mm f3.5, there is an Auto Takumar version but those are harder to use on non-M42 bodies due to the way in which they stop down. Basically they're semi-auto - you pull a lever down to cock the aperture, then when you press the shutter the paddle in the lens mount stops the aperture down, you then have to re-cock it manually. The Super Takumar and later lenses have an instant return diaphragm, so you can set the aperture you want and then use the auto/manual switch to stop down to your preset.

The Super Tak/SMC Tak 55mm lenses are sharp and lovely, don't worry too much about f1.8 or f2 as they're the same lens, the f2 just has a baffle to stop the aperture opening as much. There was an oddball 55mm f1.8 badged as an Auto Takumar but with the instant return diaphragm of the Super Tak, it also has an aperture ring which rotates in the opposite direction to that of later models. It's a bit rare and performs well, so if you see one cheap then go for it. Mine has a 2mm gouge in the front element and still takes perfectly acceptable photos.

SMC Takumar 120mm f2.8 - I have the K version of this and it's brilliant. Relatively tiny with a good reach, you can go down to 1/125 without worrying too much about shake and thanks to the f2.8 part it often allows you to shoot distant subjects in poor light.