The problem is that in an interchangeable-lens rangefinder, the lenses quickly dominate the budget. I'm trying to think of what the cheapest general-purpose body-and-two-lenses kit might be, apart from the fSU cameras. Used Bessa-R or older Canon body, Culminar 50/2.8, and a 90mm Elmar? You could put that together from Igor's as I write this for US$235+120+100. Going wide instead of long with the second lens would be more expensive.

A Kiev or Fed/Zorki kit would be cheaper, but with the potential baggage of fSU cameras. Some people have had very good luck with them, but some, er, haven't. And even those aren't as cheap as they used to be; a Fed-2+Industar-26M+Jupiter-12 from Fedka will run US$224 at the moment, and you need a meter or a good eye.