The problem I have with 35mm rangefinders is the imprecise framing. I shoot a lot of buildings and I often create formal (symmetrical) compositions. I sometimes notice barrel distortion in photos made with my Nikon wides; the actual amount seems to vary based on focus distance, and the noticeability is highly dependent on the subject. Despite that, I can’t imagine doing what I do without a 100% accurate viewfinder with a grid.

Is there such a thing as an “architecture” 35mm rangefinder? Ideally, it’d have both the hot shoe and the tripod socket centered directly above and below the lens, so all one would need to worry about was parallax on the x-axis. Why do so many rangefinders have offset hot shoes and tripod sockets anyway? Are there any highly-corrected accessory viewfinders with grids?

The obvious solution would be to simply use a digital camera or move up to a larger film format, but it’s still fun to think about.